Disney Announces Search For NFT Manager Role

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Disney Announces Search For NFT Manager Role

The entertainment giant is looking to fill the role of manager of business development for Disney’s digital experiences team to create a more focused roadmap for the brand’s ventures in the NFT space.

Responsibilities For NFT Manager Role

The job responsibilities for the particular role include monitoring the evolving marketplace, setting category strategy, and managing key partners. The manager will need to identify growth opportunities in categories, franchises, and distributions. The job description also entails tracking and analyzing category trends and market data to maximize business opportunities. Candidates must have a deep interest and knowledge in digital and NFT categories, along with five years of business development experience.

A Leg-Up For Disney In Metaverse Race

NFTs are tokens that represent a digital item that can be bought or sold. All information of ownership is stored on the blockchain and can not be altered. Since NFTs can represent a plethora of digital objects like art, documents, audio files, video, images, and so on, it is an essential component for developing the metaverse. 

Facebook’s rebranding to Meta has ushered in the era of the metaverse – the next big technology platform that blends the physical and digital world through digital avatars, NFTs, VR world-building, and more. More and more organizations are expanding their own version of the metaverse. Other entertainment giants like Marvel and DC are also actively exploring the space by launching their own NFT collections. Hiring a business development manager exclusively to lead all NFT-related efforts proves that Disney is doing everything to be a frontrunner in the metaverse race. 

Storytelling In The Metaverse

In October 2021, Disney launched its NFT collection called the “Golden Moments” on the popular VeVe marketplace, inspired by iconic moments from the most popular Disney franchises. Soon after that, in December 2021, Disney’s application for a “virtual world simulator” was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The technology would allow theme park visitors to personalize 3D projections through their smartphones and other devices. According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, the company is laying the groundwork to connect the physical and digital worlds to facilitate boundless storytelling in the Disney metaverse. 

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger commented about the importance of moderating metaverse behavior, 

“I think something Disney is going to have to consider as it talks about creating a metaverse for themselves is moderating and monitoring behavior.”

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