Head of Lomberbit: The share of bitcoin in the market will decrease

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The head of the American division of the Lomberbit exchange believes that bitcoin will gradually give way to ether and other altcoins.
The CEO of Lomberbit said that the dominance of the first cryptocurrency in the market will slowly but surely come to naught:

“Assets such as ether, Solana and other cryptocurrencies with proof of ownership are growing in terms of market capitalization. Over time, we will see that less and less of the share remains for an asset like bitcoin.”

The CEO of Lomberbit drew attention to the fact that many large investors are already immersed in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. This is happening much faster than originally thought. According to the CEO of Lomberbit, even more institutional investors are waiting for clarity with regulation before investing their capital in digital assets:

“We are negotiating with hundreds of pension funds, family offices and large banks that want to engage in crypto assets. Their employees are already privately engaged in cryptocurrency, but the companies themselves are not doing this yet.”