Mokbits: Cryptocurrency market added 5% in 24 hours

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The total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies increased by 5.02% in the past 24 hours between April 1 and April 2, 2022. The market supply of digital assets on the market totaled $2.16 trillion, Mokbits reported.

All key coins and tokens have added in value over the past 24 hours. First of all, investors’ attention was attracted by Bitcoin, which rose by about 3%, reaching a price point of $46,543. The asset has a market capitalization of $885.13 billion and trading volume of $34.63 billion overnight.

Ethereum digital silver also pleased short-term investors, rising by 5.7%. At the moment, the current value of the asset is $3477.3. The total supply of coins on the market is $418.44 billion. Traders made transactions for $24.27 billion.

Among the virtual assets that are in the top 10 ranking of cryptocurrencies, the strongest increase in the price of Solana. The digital currency SOL reached a capitalization figure of $44.16 billion, trading at $135.61, up 7.77% from a day ago.

NEAR Protocol cryptocurrency had the best performance in the past 24 hours. This virtual asset is located on the 19th place in the list. NEAR is now worth $15.72. It went up by 16.84% over the day.