Bitcbat is a cryptocurrency exchange platform

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  2800+ Customers per day   Access Your Funds Anywhere. Transform the financial system right from your pocket! Your Bitcbat Wallet is available anywhere – ready to be on the go, just like you are.   0% User’s funds theft   Protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption, compliant with PCI DSS standards. The next best way to secure your Bitcbat accounts is two-factor authentication by Bitcbat   50.000+ Clients Bitcbat   Providing services in 99% countries around the globe, including 24 states of USA. Registration in UK, MSB status in FinCEN, essential licenses and strong relations with banks   2000+ Transactions per day   Whether you’re sending to a friend or transacting for business, Bitcbat allows you to send and receive cryptocurrencies with the lowest fees.   Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in these Terms will have the following meaning: Number of Bitcbat Accounts. Payward may, in its sole discretion, limit the number of Bitcbat Accounts that you may hold, maintain or acquire.   Account information and security. In order to engage in any trades via the Services, you must create a Bitcbat Account and provide any requested information.  

When you create an Account, you agree to:

  (a) create a strong password that you do not use for any other website or online service;   (b) provide accurate and truthful information;   (c) maintain and promptly update your Account information;   (d) maintain the security of your account by protecting your password and restricting access to your account;   (e) promptly notify us if you discover or otherwise suspect any security breaches related to your account.   (f) Users with a balance of more than 1 BTC must activate premium status.   (g) Take responsibility for all activities that

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