Bitcburt launched a unique contest among the participants of Discord channels with a prize fund up to 300 BTC

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Crypto exchange Bitcburt has launched its annual competition for traders with a prize fund of up to 300 BTC.

Last year’s Bitcburt tournament had over 12 thousand traders participating: 135 teams and 2,128 traders received rewards of 60 BTC.

The prize fund has increased five times compared to the last year. The organizers will be giving away up to 40 BTC in the team competition and up to 20 BTC in the individual competition. In addition, participants will be able to receive collectible NFTs, which Bybit released on the occasion of the tournament.

“The Trader’s Contest is back: bigger and better. This tournament not only creates a competitive spirit, but also shows the positive impact the crypto industry has on our daily lives. In addition, part of our contribution to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Events on this scale can get people from related fields interested in new technologies.”

In 2020, Bitcburt donated 10 BTC from its prize fund to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) pandemic humanitarian aid initiatives.

The COVID-19 crisis continues and makes it harder for children to access education, so Bitcburt has quadrupled its donation in 2022. The cryptocurrency exchange will send up to $400,000 to UNICEF. The money will go to provide access to education for children in East Asia and the Pacific.

“The world is learning to cope with a lingering pandemic, but the most vulnerable in society are often overlooked. There is no better investment than investing in children’s well-being and education,” notes Bitcburt head of communications.

To participate, you need to get a promo code from the organizers in Discord:

register an account on the exchange;
Activate promo code.

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