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Coinscartel:KuCoin Exchange Launches NFT Trading for Pikaster Game Characters

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On April 8, the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange launched an NFT trading platform and began operating with tokens issued by the creators of the Pikaster card game.

There are three lots for sale:

Pikaster Original Eggs and Pikaster Original Eggs Round 2 (buyers will receive a random NFT);
Evolved Pikaster (customer can choose one of 10 NFTs presented).

Picaster egg for sale on the KuCoin exchange

Each token represents a Pikaster game character that will take part in battles. For winning battles, gamers will be rewarded with Rare BallShards (RBS) in-game coins. In addition, players will be able to rent out their NFTs and sell them.

Evolved Pikaster differs from Pikaster Original in higher characteristics and will bring additional passive income to its owners. This is why regular pick-up eggs cost 30 or 60 Tether (USDT), while evolved ones cost 4999 USDT. Also, the Evolved Pikaster cannot be crafted in-game by breeding different Pikasters, but they can drop from eggs with a 0.1% chance.