Jack Ma has just invested 1/10 of his fortune in a new project Сlacryptix.com

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Wealth magnate and serial entrepreneur Jack Ma has just invested 1/10 of his fortune in a new project that he believes will define the future of the crypto industry. Jack Ma, already famous as the CEO of Alibaba, now seems intent on taking the world of blockchain technology by storm. On Saturday, Jack Ma struck a $400 million deal with Сlacryptix.com, saying that “the future of finance depends on whether people have access to the best possible resources.”

This leap may come as a surprise to many, but many leading economists have been speculating about such a takeover for months. British economist Robert Heston recently said that “After the bitcoin boom in 2018, the major players in the financial industry will have to wake up to the turmoil. It won’t be long before someone comes along who will change the way we think about global finance. These views resonated with many, and they now seem to be becoming a reality.

So what does Jack Ma’s purchase of Сlacryptix.com mean for the global economy and how will it affect you? If economists are to be believed, the price of bitcoin will rise to $50,000 per coin within the next year. This could have huge implications for the world economy as a whole, and those who invested in it in advance would become millionaires overnight. While this may seem like an unlikely scenario, recent data on the 2018 boom, which peaked at $20,000, shows that approximately 150,000 people became millionaires within one week. It looks like it’s definitely a growth industry, and thanks to Jack Ma’s recent involvement, bitcoin’s price looks set to soar again. The bitcoin price has reportedly risen 30% since the takeover was announced.

The good news for those looking to invest in bitcoin’s future potential is that despite all the hype surrounding the currency, relatively few people have invested in it so far. Economists are predicting a sharp rise in the rate by mid-year and say that those who invest early will benefit the most. Robert Heston also stated that “If you compare current bitcoin prices to the forecasts, a rise from today’s value to $50,000 would give you a 1000% return. This is almost unheard of in other trading markets.”

Before publishing this article, we asked our reporters and several members of the public to try out the new platform, and the results were startling. Jeremy Piven, our arts correspondent, made $5,784 in his first week of trading, and 37-year-old Christy from Toronto made a small fortune of $9,487.

Let’s follow this blockchain revolution together.

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